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Small but Mighty Coures


Top features

These 5-part courses may be the smallest of our offerings, but they pack a huge punch!  These cover specific topics such as Anxiety, Resilience, Communication, Anger, Peace, etc. 

With each course you get resources to help you put into practice what you learn which gets you that much closer to living your best life!  We also encourage you to let us know what you would like to learn about so we can create a course for that too!  



5 Videos on each topic 

  • Complete at your own pace
  • Worksheets
  • Resource Materials
  • Tools to live your best life



Top features

It is from the inside that everything flows.  Whether at home or work, your relationships, peace, rest, joy and happiness all depend on the fitness of your emotional and relational self. By becoming whole minded, you breathe new life into these areas, giving you the ability to have healthy relationships, deal with stress, stop being burned out, put to rest the things that keep you up at night so you can get rest, and even help your loved ones dealing with these things.  The tools learned here are the kind that can last forever when they are used and practiced.   With this membership you get everything you need to be FIT Emotionally and Relationally.



Included in each membership:

  • Monthly LIVE Private Group Session with Michelle
  • Full Access to "The Small but Mighty Courses"
  • Access to Private FB Group
  • Full Access to FB Training Vault
  • Access to All Resource Materials




Plans vary

Reasons for coaching? Here are 27:

  1. Improved self-confidence
  2. A different perspective
  3. Heightened self-awareness
  4. Foster better relationships
  5. Achieve goals
  6. Find happiness
  7. Discover clarity of purpose
  8. Discover your best self
  9. Determine your strengths and weaknesses
  10. Unlock potential
  11. Improve communication
  12. Manage time and productivity
  13. Eliminate negative thoughts
  14. Overcome your fears
  15. Provide a different outlook on life
  16. Produce higher income
  17. Eliminate bad habits
  18. Alignment of strengths with decisions
  19. Stay motivated
  20. Better decision making
  21. Show empathy
  22. Learn to accept criticism
  23. Show more appreciation
  24. Build rapport
  25. Improve physical well-being
  26. Reduce stress
  27. Decreased depression and anxiety

Please contact us to find out which plan works best for you.

Spaces are limited.

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More to Come!

We are working hard everyday to bring you more and more content, tools and well... gym equipment to help you reach your Emotional and Relational fitness goals. 

For more information on what's to come or if there is something specific you would like Michelle to train on, click below and let us know.

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