by:Michelle Rouse Fox


You need to hear something….something that will kick you in the pants. and I hope, cause you to get up and go!  You are acting like a donkey sitting on its ass (see what I did there lol!).  The harder your friends, kids, or partner pull for you to get up and get moving the more you sit back and refuse to move.  Maybe it’s fear, or maybe it’s feeling overwhelmed or maybe, just maybe you are being stubborn.  The reality is that if you decide to get up and get moving, YOU will! Nothing can stop you! You want a change in your life?  Then go get it, make it happen.  You don’t like how things have worked out for you?  Then change directions, change what influences you.  You may need new people, people who will spur you on, people who will tell you true things about yourself ...the good and the not so good.  People who will love you immensely  and people who will cheer you on loudly and often.  You might not be able to change the people who share your last name or bloodline, but you can limit their influence and uninvited opinions.  And you can for sure change those in your circle that you let in but should be let out.  Let me tell you something... lean into this truth...this mediocre life you are living, it's not for you.  You weren’t made for mediocre.  YOU are designed for so much more!  Friend, you are designed to shine and be bright and leave a blazing trail behind!  A trail of people who have been touched by your unique kind of love, kindness, creativity, thinking and generosity.  You are not perfect and thank God for that because earthly perfection is boring.  You are, however, unique and perfectly designed and only YOU can be you!  So get up! Start being you! BUT you have to GET UP!  


This may look like finally contacting a professional to help you kick depression and or anxiety.  It may mean that you and your spouse find someone to help you create a better and thriving partnership….or it could mean finally creating steps to a life of independence. Maybe you are in the weeds of raising babies or caring for elderly parents and feel like life is passing you by or doesn’t exist outside of your four walls.  Put your phone to good use and find a group for support….there are literally millions of parenting and caregiver groups who meet in person or online, this is a great place to start.   Do you have a dream?  What is it?  Start sharing it with others and find at least one person who can help you set and meet goals to get you on the road to your dream becoming a reality.  Do you need to lose weight or get out of debt (who doesn’t want at least one of these things?) Let's get to work, start with finding someone who excels at what we need to be better at and find a way to get their assistance….there are many ways other than hiring a professional to help us get where we want to go.  People all around you have gifts and they enjoy using them to help others, plug into this and maybe pay it forward by using your unique abilities to help pull someone else up.  This is how the world should turn.  I want you to do one thing, one tiny thing.  Get a notebook and a pen and write down your dreams and what you want to change or how you want your life to be different.  This is ground zero.  This is striking the match, get ready cause you're gonna blaze some trails!