March Madness

by:Michelle Rouse Fox


It's Monday, it's raining and chilly and my daughter and I have every intention of staying in our PJ’s all day long.  We have zero reason to leave the house today or tonight because there is no baseball practice or school activities.  Staying put is today’s motto. However, at noon the middle school nurse calls…great.  My 6th grader has a slight pain in his side…you don’t say.  After the nurse tells me that she thinks he is just fine and has checked him out “real good” we decide that he can rest for a few, not miss math class and can sit out during gym which to this very active kid probably feels more like a punishment than a relief.  I feel like I dodged a bullet.  Did you know that today March 12th is National Napping Day?  Did they pick this day for naps because we just jumped forward an hour this past weekend?  Makes sense to me.  I feel like I need a nap already. Show of hands, who needs a nap right. this. minute? Thought so.  


March madness is a real thing y’all.  Let’s break this down.  Mother Nature can’t decide if she is ready to hang up winter or move into the warmth of Spring.  It’s hats and coats one day then shorts and suns out guns out shirts the next day.  Our kids are cooped up inside playing every video known to 12 year olds for days at a time while it rains pigs and goats or snows like it never snowed in January and then just like that they can’t wait to play outside…leaving us to clean the floors exactly 19 times. As for us grownups we are either feeling like we are killing it with our New Year goals or we have completely admitted to our tendencies towards crazy ideas and decided to “just love myself” pudge and all.  We are ready to move out of winter and into pretty colors, and warmer days.  


As March days move on, it’s a good time to take a mental and emotional wellness check and refuse to allow the “madness” to take over.  Maybe back in January we had lofty goals and ideas about ourselves and what we wanted to accomplish for the New Year.  This is a perfect time to reassess these goals and ideas. We know whether or not losing 35 pounds by May is reasonable or not.  We now know that a particular relationship really isn’t getting healthy, in fact, it's stagnant or worse, becoming unhealthy.  Maybe we are aware that our current job isn’t really what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives or even the next 5 years.  There’s also the possibility that some of the changes we are implementing are making life better.  Such as parenting with different methods and our kids are responding to it positively or the weekly exercise regimen IS working and we are becoming better, faster, stronger.  March is the time that we know what is working and what is not.  


Oftentimes we only see January as a time for new beginnings and “start overs” and maybe Monday’s.  Yet I think we completely overlook the eyes of March as a chance to re-set, re-think and maybe even re-do.  March is a perfect time to clean out and organize closets, drawers, our cars and maybe even our life and relationships.  It’s the perfect time to let yourself off the hook for breaking those New Year’s resolutions or not keeping up with the goals you set for yourself.  As you make these self-assessments, I often tell people, choose one.  Just one thing to put your energy into.  Just one thing to focus on.  Just ONE.  I wrote an article on this exact idea and how to do it.  It’s March, choose that one thing in your life where you want to see major change, move everything else to the back burner and in 60 days, I promise you will see movement, success, CHANGE.  And for the rest, give yourself grace.  Life is a journey and you’ll get to those things when you really need to.  For now, stick to that ONE thing and go for it!