Be A Giver!

by:Michelle Rouse Fox


Do you want value in your life?  Then give value!  I heard someone say recently that if a man or woman seeks riches, he or she must enrich others first.  Are you feeling down in your spirit today?  Get yourself to the bathroom and splash some water on your face and take a look in the mirror and ask this question “who can I serve today?”  Begin each day by putting this question out into the world.  I promise you the return will be great.  Go ahead and try it, you know you want to.  Then come back and tell me how your day went.  When we set out to serve and give to anyone in our sphere... we succeed EVERY. DANG. TIME!  And when we serve and give to others, we usually gain so much more in return.  There is no better cure for getting us out of our mess than to focus on showing up for someone else.  Maybe it will be a complete stranger, or it might be someone in your circle that you see with clearer understanding and that they have a need that you can give attention to.  


I want you to live a life of value and purpose!  I want you to live life INSPIRED!  This can only be done when we set our focus on others and giving them what we have to offer.  When we give our time, gifts, abilities for someone else to benefit, guess what happens to us?  We feel inspired, we feel not just good, but we feel GREAT because we have done for another.  We have spurred someone else on, and it feels so good to be a giver of life, to be a giver of encouragement!  Be a GIVER and watch your day turn around! I promise, when you set out to give, you will not be disappointed, you will not end up empty handed!